Friday, May 30, 2014

Deva Vega - Vegan Sublingual Vitamin B12 Review

A LITTLE INFO ON B12: (Skip down to "The Review" if you're in a rush)

Are you getting enough B12? Any well-versed Vegan or Vegetarian knows that this is one of the vitamin levels we need to keep an eye on, because B12 is primarily sourced from animal products. However, even those who eat meat may be deficient, and deficiency isn't as uncommon as you may think. 

Why does it matter how much is in your system? Well, Vitamin B12 deficiency can manifest itself as anemia and in some cases cause permanent neurological damage. Low B12 levels will also result in fatigue, depression, and poor memory.

This week, I switched from my usual B12 pills to sublinguals. Sublingual tabs dissolve under your tongue, and deliver the B12 directly to your bloodstream through your sublingual gland vs pills which go through your digestive tract, and discard much of the vitamin in the process. What this means to me is that my body would be getting more of the B12 I'm paying for. I was sold on the method.

Here's a creepy pic to show where your sublingual gland is. Ew.


I ordered the Deva Vega B12 1000mcg supplement from Amazon because many other vitamins sneakily contain animal-derived components in their ingredients. After exhausting research, I found this to be a high quality and affordable choice. There is also a bit of folic acid and B6 in these, which is an added bonus. The other reason I chose this particular brand is made using Methylcobalamin instead of Cyanocobalamin. I will not go into great detail here, but Methylcobalamin is the better form. Cyanocobalamin needs to be converted into Methylcobalamin in order to be absorbed by your body. Not only does this seem like an unnecessary step to me, but Cyanocobalamin is also artificial and contains a cyanide molecule.

You can buy these on Amazon here:

I took my first dose, and noticed how pleasant they taste - sort of like cherry candies, but not too sweet. They dissolve super easily under the tongue. I love the method for taking these because I can carry some with me in a ziploc bag, and not have to worry about finding water to take them. You can take these anywhere.

This may sound crazy but I felt a difference within HOURS of taking my first tab! I had run out of my old B12 pills, and felt lethargic and generally depressed for a couple of weeks. It may be that I had a slight deficiency, but I have to say...WOW! I immediately felt the rush of drinking coffee or tea without the jitters. It was a natural energy, both physically and mentally. I was thinking more clearly, and just felt more in tune with the world around me. 

A week in, and I'm noticing more benefits. I am working out again - which I didn't have the energy for before! Also, I am waking up feeling less groggy. I hit snooze on my alarm way less than before. I have to say that these benefits weren't present when I was taking my old B12 pills, so I have to believe the sublingual tabs are making the difference.

I would recommend this vitamin product to anyone - but especially those who may be at risk for lower B12. They are easy to take, taste great, and they are the first vitamins I've ever taken which caused an immediate improvement for me. 

Please comment and let me know what your experience has been with B12 supplements. What works best for you? Thanks for reading! :)

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